“When I grow up, I want to be a Theatre Director!”

This was eleven-year-old me who dreamed of showing the world what was possible through the magic of the stage. Throughout school, I was involved in all kinds of productions. I applied for the drama academy of my dreams and spent the most thrilling two years in the heart of London learning the tools of the trade.

So what happened? Why am I not awaiting my next grand opening on the West End stage?

I’ll tell you a secret; I fell in love. I fell in love with people and their funny little ways, their intriguing insecurities, their driving power and passions for their art, whatever that art might be.

I think it happened in the rehearsal room, as I was watching our director unpack the mental barriers that kept the leading lady from giving the performance her absolute all - and witnessing the incredible, breathtaking result that followed.

That experience taught me the power of hearing the right words said compassionately at the right time and the impact of having someone truly believe in you.


It got me to study counselling, psychology and management - some of it working full time while bringing up my two children. Trust me, I know a thing or two about mum guilt, pressure and never having enough time in the day! After working in customer service, management and higher education, I chose self-employment over a steady pay check to pursue my passion for developing people.

Deep down I knew my dreams were never just about theatre performances and building props. 

They were about breathing life into someone’s vision and giving others a space to shine.

Today I get to live my dream, and I’m lucky enough to be able to do it with a fabulous family and clients I love.

As a working mum of two and wife of one, I know what it means to wear many hats - and how important it is to balance being fulfilled at work with being present and fulfilled at home. I also know that it's entirely possible to find that balance AND meet your financial targets to live the lifestyle you choose.

You just need to start choosing!

mBIT certified coach
Kerry Bellamy certified mBIT Trainer
Kerry Bellamy business balance coach, Professional Member of the ANLP Association for NLP